IS-BAO/IS-BAH Auditing

Sundog Aviation is exceptionally qualified to provide conformity validation services for those clients that have prepared to stand for IS-BAO/IS-BAH Stage 1, 2, or 3 registration audits. Important to note: Auditing services are not available to clients who have utilized SMS Consulting Services through Sundog Aviation.

Jim Cannon, as the former Program Director for IS-BAO, was an IBAC certified “Lead Auditor” with Aviation Research Group, Inc. (ARG/US) prior to his affiliation with the International Business Aviation Council. Jim’s expertise in SMS and all aspects of business aviation industry standards is unquestioned. In the capacity of IS-BAO Program Director, Jim was privileged to work with an outstanding team of safety professionals in the enhancement of the Standard, annually, and creation of Policies that ensured the viability and credibility of IS-BAO.

During the latter portion of his tenure with IBAC, Jim coordinated the development of the IS-BAH program, working with NATA and the EBAA. Jim chaired these development efforts by creating the business plan, budgeting forecasts, and authoring the 2014 IS-BAH Standard, Audit Procedures Manual and associated IBAC Policies for FBO and Handling Agency registration and recognition within the business aviation community.

Jim conducted numerous workshops on the “Fundamentals of IS-BAO” and “Auditing the IS-BAO Standard”, throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle-East, Australia, and Asia.

Sundog Aviation Auditing Services are offered to provide efficient and cost effective validation of conformity with either the IS-BAO or IS-BAH programs. Please contact us for further information concerning auditing services.

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