Sundog Aviation Services

Often asked of senior members of the business aviation community as they and their family members discuss the future, “what are you going to do in retirement?” Sundog Aviation was created to offer the opportunity for seasoned professionals who wish to continue to contribute to an industry that offered so much to them during the decades of meaningful work and professional growth. Of particular interest to the founding member of Sundog Aviation, Jim Cannon, is the ability to give back, pay forward, and hopefully inspire the current generation of business aviation professionals to continue to seek solutions that enhance the safety and viability of this essential industry.

Organizational Developmentbusiness-aviation-management

Managing the daily demands of a modern business aviation department can be a daunting task.  Sundog Aviation offers the opportunity for aviation directors, chief pilots, maintenance managers, and operations personnel, to discuss issues and develop alternatives.  Consultations, both formal and informal are available.

business-aviation-managementIS-BAO/IS-BAH Auditing

Verification conformity to the IS-BAO or IS-BAH set of industry practices, which include corroboration of the structure and maturity of your SMS, is available from Sundog Aviation.  Sundog Aviation possesses the skill, experience, and commitment to being a strong business partner to assist in achieving your IS-BAO goal. Orchestrating video meetings before, during, and post-audit to manage audit form completion, work through any post-audit remedial action plan items, report submission, and respond to IBAC Q&A’s leading to IS-BAO acceptance and recertification.

business-aviation-managementSafety Management Implementation

SMS within the business aviation community has become the new benchmark.  Today more than 1,000 business organizations have registered with IS-BAO and nearly 300 Fixed Base Operators have registered with IS-BAH.  If you require assistance as you embark on this important journey leading to advanced SMS development and implementation, Sundog Aviation is a reliable resource capable of helping you reach your goal.

Aviation Safety Advocacy & Speaking

The opportunity to continue to promote safety concepts and to discuss issues that enhance safety within business aviation organizations is at the core of Sundog Aviation’s values.  Both Jim Bennett and Bill McBride have been privileged to speak at aviation forums worldwide, engage in OEM, vendor Boards, and engage in industry associations and working groups in the promotion and development of industry best practices and the enhancement of safety.