Safety Management Consulting

Both Jim Bennett and Bill McBride, Principal Consultants, for Sundog Aviation, worked with the business aviation community as a pilot and a technician, aviation directors, business owner, lecturer at both business aviation and airline safety forums, industry engagement with OEM’s, vendors, affiliated services companies, and associations advocating for over 85 years collectively the promotion of aviation safety, and advancement of technology to mitigate risk and exposure

Sundog Aviation is certified by IBAC as an Audit Group for both the IS-BAO and IS-BAH programs. With expertise in both operations and facilities management, Sundog Aviation is uniquely qualified to provide assistance in the development of an organization’s safety program.

Should a Sundog Aviation consulting client require the services of an Auditor to validate conformity with either IS-BAO or IS-BAH programs, we stand ready to recommend several alternatives for that important aspect of the registration process with IBAC. As a provider of consulting services, Sundog Aviation would not be eligible to conduct an audit of the support it has provided to a particular client; “It is not ethical to audit your own work”. There are many outstanding auditing firms as well as individual auditors that have been servicing the industry for more than a decade and it would be our pleasure to provide our clients with contact information, should the need arise.

If the client is, as many are, struggling with the implementation of an effective SMS, in light of changes to their operations, Sundog offers the opportunity to conduct a GAP analysis as the first of a two-step process to gain IS-BAO or IS-BAH registration.  The GAP audit process allows an initial evaluation of the client’s conformity to the IS-BA, a detailed breakdown of each non-conformity and a three to four-month interval in which the operator can focus on the steps necessary to fulfill each requirement of the audit program.  The GAP process is not a consultative product, it merely identifies deficiencies and allows a pragmatic approach towards remedial actions necessary to prepare for a formal IS-BA audit.

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